A luxury know-how

Black-Citrus company is specialised in the creation of design furnitures and interior layouts - based in Caen - Normandy With 10 years of proven experience in the design of high-end and luxurious furnitures, our philosophy is to satisfy our customer in bringing them the best outcomes possible according to the requests. It implies the design, the materials as well as the the quality of fabrication and finish. We draw our resources in matter of fabrication with the best craftsmen and specialists of metal, wood, plexiglass, Corian, glass, and also with specialists of hand made hupholstery and leatherwork. This high quality network built along the years, gives us a strength in terms of creativity, quality of fabrication and reactivity to satisfy any customer’s wishes.

A complete design process from A to Z

From the initial design, in collaboration with our designer in order to define the concept, with the help of 3D, we can realise 3D realistic simulations of the project in the customer environement to fully visualize the final result before taking your decision and try different possibilities of material associations and finishes. To the final delivery passing trough high quality fabrication, Black-Citrus offers you support and guidance from the beginning to the end of the project.

A large choice of materials and finishes

We have in our network the best French specialists of metal work to realise pieces of exception whether it be in aluminium, steel, brass, copper and even titanium or gold. With equipements able to realise from unique pieces to medium series with a high end quality of fabrication. For the wood work we are in collaboration with talented cabinetmakers who give us the possibility to propose massive woods or high quality veneer of a large type of wood and also marquetry. We have also the possibility to work with composite materials such as Corian© or Plexiglass© here again with a large choice of colors and finitions and shapes. We work also with upholsterer and leather craftsmen who can realise unique pieces of hign quality taking into consideration all the constraints of the project, in terms of resistance to the UV, to the salt of the sea or chlorine or in terms of high resistance.

Black-Citrus is surrounded by high quality french partners mostly from Normandy in order to realise the best high quality design furnitures and equipements.

100% made in France

The choice of Black-Citrus to work mostly with suppliers of Normandy is to minimize the carbon footprint of our activity and to have a better control on production and an increased reactivity. Sure of the quality and the durability of our products, it will become a part of your patrimony.

2021 - Black-Citrus Design