Creation of furniture and interior design

Black-Citrus give you the possibility to realise custom-made furnitures according to your needs and wishes, trough the work of metal, wood, Corian©, Plexiglass©, leather or upholstery. A very large choice is available to satisfy our customer and to make a unique piece.

Metal work:

Black-Citrus has chosen to work with the best metal craftsmen whose expertise is widely recognized on: steel work, aluminium work, brass work, copper work and even titanium or gold. It allows us to realise unique pieces of exception. Furthermore all these materials can be in different finishes like rough, shiny, brushed, marine, coated... The possibilities are endless.


Wood work:

Still in quest of an irreproachable quality, Black-Citrus work with the best specialists and with a wood of high quality certified eco responsable. We only work with massive wood or high quality veneer from oak, beech or cherrywood to teak, walnut, pallisander or ebony. We always try to find the best materials for our creations.


Corian / Plexiglass work:

Black-Citrus propose you too to work composite materials allowing a lot of possibilities like Corian© or Plexiglass© who are used in design and architecture. These modern materials can be folded, moulded or machined some of them can also play with lights and backlighting. Wich expand the boundaries of our creations and give to the customer a huge possibility of choice.


Upholstery and leather work

Black-Citrus this is also the work of fabrics and leather, with an access to most of the fabrics manufacturer of the world our upholsterer realise high end pieces with the best quality fabrics of the market, indoor or outdoor, anti UV, salt or chlorine resistant any type of material we can realise for you a specific armchair for your office or a unique sofa for a boat deck. Whatever you need Black-Citrus will do it for you.


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